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Addiction is a disease. It’s a disease which affects your brain, your behavior, your body and your life. There are many factors which contribute to it, but primarily, addiction is an illness. It’s no secret that addiction can destroy a person’s life. It does affect not only the user, but also the user’s friends, family, and loved ones. Usually, there is never a happy ending, unless the user chooses to seek professional help in order to overcome the addiction. The first step towards recovery is admitting that there is a problem and that it needs to be addressed.

You have already witnessed evils of addiction. Fortunately, the condition is treatable. With the aid of the experts at Drug Rehab Pittsburgh, you will be able to manage your addiction. Our programs are based on treatment techniques which are proven to enhance sobriety rates in the long run. In case you or somebody you love is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, you need a reputable rehab center. Our drug rehab center is the best addiction treatment center in Pittsburgh, and will give you the intensive customized therapy, and all the resources you require to defeat your addiction, so you that you can get back on the right track, and start living a successful, productive and happy life.

Why Choose Us

Most people prefer staying in a rehab center that’s located in a private and beautiful setting, such as Drug Rehab Pittsburgh center. Our luxurious, home-like environment is nothing like the hospital; a place where many people who suffer from addiction tend to avoid. Moreover, most people are much more likely to prefer staying in a warm and inviting environment, thus have a much better chance of long-term recovery. Our rehab center offers all that and allows you to fully detoxify by cleansing your body of toxins that resulted from drug use. Our detoxification programs vary from one client to another, and can include: diet changes, exercise, medication, medical supervision, and more.

We provide exceptional care and support all throughout your stay, including one on one therapy sessions, group therapy, and many complementary therapies like yoga, acupuncture, meditation, EMDR, equine therapy, among others. We also engage our clients in a 12 step program where they get to receive support and counseling from our counselors, and from each other. In addition to individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy, we also offer a robust recreation therapy program along with daily leisure recreational activities.

We do understand that those suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction are often unsure of where to start when looking for help. In addition, you might have strong feelings when it comes to checking into a drug rehab center, however, getting expert help is actually the best way of stopping your addiction and rebuilding your life. At Pittsburgh drug rehab center, our alcohol and drug rehab programs work. We are fully aware that addiction is fully treatable condition, and a treatment is most effective when it’s delivered through a bio-psycho, social-spiritual holistic procedure. Our treatment programs have been formulated from start to finish with solid evidence, accompanied by holistic enhancements, a highly knowledgeable, qualified, and compassionate staff, along with time-tested recovery supports. At our treatment center, comprehensive treatment is offered by multidisciplinary teams of dedicated and talented professionals. We have the most balanced and most effective treatment programs that are presented in a safe and private setting. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

Personalized Attention: Our care goes beyond protecting your anonymity, we offer a safe zone and a place where you can unwind without interacting with those who are actively abusing illicit substances. Each one of our patients receives a thorough, personal attention so as to treat his/her individual condition.

Stable Environment: One of the major benefits of choosing us is you will be able to enjoy a stable environment. This is particularly crucial for the newly recovering patients. The type of environment we offer keeps you away from temptations, while still keeping you safe and secure.

Professional Counselors: Our counselors are highly experienced, and are the best when it comes to helping patients get past their addictions, and onto a much better life.

A Sense of Connection: We offer individual and group therapy sessions which make it easier for you to connect with both our counselors and other patients. The sense of connection our rehab center offers will ensure that you never feel alone with your problems. Feeling connected to an intimate community such as ours means having somebody to lean on or talk to, in times of difficult. This is particularly beneficial, during the tenuous early days of sobriety.

Customized Programs: We create our programs around the input, the circumstances and the needs of our patients. Our customized programs can also include the input of friends and family members.

Close Supervision: We have qualified medical staff that closely monitors both your physical and emotional progress. They will be there to help you during detoxification, and will also help with any additional issues which might complicate, or otherwise, exacerbate the addictive behaviors.

Privacy: When choosing a rehab center, most people prefer going to one that’s private. We offer complete privacy to all of our clients. We know that privacy is something that gives you peace of mind during your recovery period. No one will ever find out about you becoming clean unless you want them to.

Aftercare: We offer amazing aftercare services. We understand the vital importance of aftercare. Our aftercare plans start when you are at our rehabilitation center. We will prepare you for your transition back home, so as to help you stay free from alcohol and drugs. Our aftercare services will ensure you never relapse, and will keep you from returning to your addiction.

We thoroughly educate our clients about their addictions, and what triggers them. Once you understand exactly what has happened to your mind and body, you will be better equipped to take better control of your life. At our Pittsburgh rehab center, our therapists work closely with all of our clients to identify their particular triggers and stressors, as well as identifying any obstacles that they might encounter when they re-enter the community. Hence, we set up continuing aftercare for each client, to ensure that they will have all the resources they’ll need once they leave our rehab center. Our staff does their level best to match each client with the appropriate resources in their particular area, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, medical doctors and 12 step programs.

If you’d like a warm and welcoming environment which feels just like home, and offers all of the aforementioned wonderful, life changing services, contact Drug Rehab Pittsburgh today.

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