The Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center In Pittsburgh

If you are looking for an alcohol addiction treatment center in Pittsburgh, you do not have to look anywhere else because Drug Rehab Pittsburgh is the best. We strongly believe that alcohol addiction is a treatable health condition, and we can assist you or your loved one start the journey of recovery. Since we started offering our services, we have managed to assist a lot on individuals struggling with alcohol addiction turn their lives completely.

How We Can Assist You

At our center, we provide highly specialized, client centered and comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment programs that help you undergo full recovery in a caring and safe environment. Through different addiction counseling and educational sessions, we help clients gain insight into their unique issues and create new abilities and skills to live a healthy lifestyle.

With a wide range of treatment options that address the alcohol addiction problem, our different programs will give you hope, knowledge and strength needed to make the correct choices and rebuild your life positively again. We offer individual counseling and other programs that look at the specific issues faced by our clients. This helps us come up with a personalized treatment plan that is unique to each.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to recovering from alcohol addiction, you deserve to get the best. Our guiding principle is to ensure that all the clients we treat in our center recover fully from the problem. Our clients act as our most important assets, and their full recovery is our satisfaction. We are accredited and certified center of excellence with many years of experience in helping alcohol addicts in Pittsburgh and beyond. We do not only focus on treating the individual who is addicted, but also family members or other people who are affected directly or indirectly. We use evidence-based treatment approach to ensure full recovery of all our clients.

Confidentiality and Privacy

You should be assured that at Drug Rehab Pittsburgh, your privacy and confidentiality is maintained when you call. Our experts believe confidence and trust are vital to making sure you are comfortable in sharing all your concerns. All your information is treated confidentially and is not revealed to any third party without your consent.

High-level Success Rate

Our alcohol addiction treatment models and approaches work. Our report shows that more than 98 percent of all the clients who undergo through our alcohol addiction treatment in Pittsburgh recover fully. Our most vital validation is provided by the clients themselves. Most of the addicts who have completed our program say that they would refer us to other people suffering from the same problem. Our high success rate is what has made us enjoy the highest number of referrals among all the addiction treatment centers in Pittsburgh. You can confirm by checking the positive reviews given by your clients on different websites.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Staff

All our staff have high-level academic qualifications and undergo regular training to update them with the most current alcohol addiction treatment approaches. In addition, they have been in this field for many years so that you can expect the best treatment.