Drug Addiction Treatment In Pittsburgh

Drug addiction can be defined as compulsive, continuous, out of control drug use, despite the negative consequences. People use alcohol and drugs to relax, escape, or reward themselves. However, with time, the alcohol and drugs start to make you think that you cannot enjoy your life without using them or cannot cope without them. People who are addicted experience compulsive, and at times uncontrollable, craving for the drug of choice.

Drug abuse is a really serious public health issue which affects nearly every family and community in one way or another. As a matter of fact, 10% of the population is said to be addicted to alcohol or drugs. Addiction is actually more common than the diabetes condition, which occurs in about 7% of the population. Addiction crosses all the socio-economic boundaries: 10% of plumbers, 10% of teachers, and 10% of the CEOs are struggling with addiction.

Characteristics of Addiction

-Inability to abstain consistently.
-Impairment in the behavioral control.
-A Strong craving for drugs.
-Diminished recognition of the significant life issues.
-Dysfunctional emotional response.

Drug abuse plays a significant role in many of the major social problems, like drugged/drunk driving, child abuse, rape, violence, stress, among others. Substance abuse can also lead to missing work, homelessness, and crime. It can also harm unborn babies and can even destroy families. Since most people with an addiction are either unable or unwilling to admit that they have a drug abuse issue, it usually falls on friends and family to call attention to this problem and motivate the affected person to get the necessary help and treatment.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Even though every type of drug addiction issue is unique in its’ own way, there are various common signs and symptoms which are found in most of the addictions, they include:
-Anxiety and depression.
-Withdrawal from friends and family.
-Poor performance in school or at work.
-Borrowing or/and stealing money.
-Long and unexplained absences.
-Getting arrested or getting into trouble with the law.
-Violence, anger and other such irrational behaviors.
-Dramatic changes in one’s physical appearance like tooth decay, weight loss or weight gain, hair loss, skin problems, among others.
-Lack of control: drinking/drugging more than one wants to.
-Neglecting other activities which used to be important before they started indulging in drug use.
-Taking risks.
-Having problems with relationships: People who are struggling with addiction tend to act out against the people closest to them, especially when someone is trying to address their drug abuse problems.
-Change in appearance: For example, there can be some serious changes or/and deterioration in physical appearance and hygiene.
-Mood swings.


Signs and symptoms of drug addiction or drug abuse basically vary depending on the particular drug(s) of choice. In case you suspect a friend, a family member or a loved one is abusing or is addicted to a specific drug, you should keep an eye out for the aforementioned signs and symptoms of drug addiction. The most effective way of treating drug abuse or drug addiction is through comprehensive care that is offered by Drug Rehab Pittsburgh. We have the most effective drug rehab program in Pittsburgh, which features the 3 core elements namely: detox, professional counseling, and aftercare services. Our comprehensive aftercare services ensure that the patient stays on the right track even after leaving our center. For more information about the available treatment options, call Drug Rehab Pittsburgh.